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Social Compliance.

The social accountability high priority for us, we administer Social Accountability International (SAI) and take responsibility to maintain suitable employment practices in favor of the worker.

We have Successfully implemented social code of conduct compliance, corporate social responsibility, social accountability which gives our company a leverage to expand and merge our clients with compliant manufacturer.

Code of practice is broken down into nine essential areas:

• Child Labor.
• Forced Labor.
• Health and Safety.
• Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining.
• Favoritism.
• Regulation.
• Working Hours.
• Reward.
• Management Systems.

Benefits of Social Accountability:

• A highly motivated workforce, resulting in better worker conditions.
• Enforcing human conditions may lead to higher quality products.
• Continual improvement and better Supply Chain Management.
• Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining.
• In a business surroundings where social issues are increasing , Social Accountability a chance to increase a competitive edge, by giving our customers “Social Peace Of Mind”.
• Implementing the standard’s can considerably decreases cost of managing different social requirements.
• Working Hours.
• The clear commitment to social and ethical standards will make it easier for a company to attract well trained and skilled staff – a factor which is seen as The key Success Factor in the next millennium.


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